Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Always a hellion, no time for hell!

Dreor Kaneda, called "Hellion" and "dev'maycare" and various such indicators of personality by those who know (or know of) her, is my little "Mischief's daughter."

She likes fighting (for fun, money, or just because she can and she's good at it), mechanic work, causing a ruckus, keeping her friends and family on their toes, children, baby animals (especially cats), and generally being a wild thing with a big heart. She is an adrenaline addict, always on the move, with a nomadic nature that makes her hard to keep tied to anything for long, but when she lives life she lives it to the fullest. No holds barred.

Her talent with Shadows, a Caligrin skill that the majority have, is among the highest possible for their race and relatively rare. Caligrin eyes go black, except for the color ring at the edges of the iris, when they use this skill, and the color portions of their "heritage" tattoos take on a glow. The brighter the level of glow, the more dangerous the Shadows. Shadows can be extremely destructive and Dreor breaks the law by not being on the national registry of high-talent shadoworkers.

I, meanwhile, have a very VERY bad habit of drawing her on 72 dpi. I don't know how it always happens, but it does.

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