Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guest art: Ashani & Amado

Ms. Chelsea something-or-other, also known as "Belcky" or Tinkerbelcky, drew this for an exchange -- she even braved the intimidating filigree on Ashani, which all Angelics are born with.

At one point in time, Ashani was devoted to Amado Kynth, feeling that she owed him her love for the gift of a soul (a big deal in Aboideau!) that he'd given her years and years before. Eventually, with help, she escaped the abusive non-relationship and soon after she cut her hair short.

Since Ashani's hair is not long in this image, Tam and I surmise that it must be a bad dream, and she will wake up and we won't have to make the D: face anymore. ...*huggles Ashani* No sad Ashani, it's like kicking a puppy! D:

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