Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kip's ink...

I doodled Kip's heritage tattoos today!

For Caligrin and Lumina, their heritage tattoos and the rite of passage that is receiving them are important to maintaining the health of the person and also in controlling their innate skills with Shadows and Luminescence. The passage and process of heritage tattooing is rather shamanic.

Where Caligrin tattoos are typically black or near-black with highlights or details in their "key" color, Lumina tattoos are usually pale blues or yellows plus their "key" color.

Kip has this kinda steampunk baroque thing going on with his heritage tattoos. Hehe.

Also, you get to see my (less chickenscratch) handwriting. It's worse when I take notes or write fast! Vroom!

1 comment:

Tam said...

*L* Very nice work on it. ^_^

I like how you took my scrawl and made it a little more tattoo like. And I know it was hard since it was just psudo girly X3.

Now you need to work on Rue's. <3