Friday, January 2, 2009

Kip in PE and having Dettie time

Kip got a little spotlight during the LR Movie exchange over at PE. In this one Maeghan used a little CSI on him and well it fits him to a tee. He'd like being a analytical lab geek for the crime division, and if he had to go on the field would give the look of being bothered.

A lot.

This one was a gift from Kate by Alexds1 for Christmas that she says she was hanging on to since late November. It's of Kip and his adoptive daughter Dettie having some father/daughter play time and shows how much the girl can bring out the responsible in him. I really love their interaction and also Kip's coloring and expression. It shows how much they care about each other. ^_^


Tikku said...

Hi , nice work. I like to do works on the same concept but no time and idea. Kindly advice me how to get ideas on character and the type of art best suited for a character.

please do visit my blog and forward your suggestions


Kate said...

Tikku, the images in the post on which you have commented were not made by either of the artists who run this blog. As the entry states, it is "guest art" and we point out who did create the images. To reiterate, the characters belong to the owners of this blog, but the images were created by other artists for us.

That aside, the best way to get ideas on character and artwork is to observe the world around you at all times, and to be willing to be imaginative. And to just work at it.