Monday, May 11, 2009

Corvin Aberdeen's Tattoo and shop sign

As Kate posted before my character Corvin is a Caligrin tattoo artist, and that usually means their ink has a lot more to it than the normal Caligrin.

I had started to try and make his tattoo last year in Painter but it wasn't turning out the way I had pictured it. So after leaving it for nearly a year the image finally solidified into something worthwhile and what I wanted to see on his body.

That ink was taken from the image below, his shop insignia and finally put into scale for his entire back and the addition of the rest of his tattoo along his arms and under his pectoral.

corvin's sign and tattoo

Kate was also kind enough to turn the drawing into a proper sign for him so he'll be set by the time he gets fully into the story line :shifty eyes: XD

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