Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tough li'l tyke: Rambo...

Rambo is a runty little sand fox, a fox believed to have descended from fennecs that stowed away with settlers to Aboideau thousands of years ago. Angie helped raise him and has become very attached to, carrying him around or playing chasing games with him all the time which is useful for spending all her pent-up energy. His left ear is ragged along the lower edge with bite marks where another animal chewed on it while Rambo was a baby, before Cade and Ian found him and gave him to Angelcita.

Rambo is often near Angie if the two are not playing, napping curled up in her backpack if she's on the move, or in a "nest" made of a hoodie or on a pillow. He likes sunbathing just as much as she does, and watching birds from the windows.

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