Monday, July 6, 2009

Banner via Angie...

Done as a "Kate, calm yourself the hell down" sort of doodlery thing because I'd gotten way too cranky and couldn't concentrate past my own crankyness.

Anyway, this was fun... I found a way to paint faster than I'm used to, discovered Angelcita's complexion (yayyy), and experimented with the idea I've seen recommended of painting really loose in a very large scale, then shrinking the image down to get a clean, smooth, detailed look. This, for example, is actually twice the size seen here.

It could also make for part of a banner, perhaps. I dunno.

So here's what Angelcita's skin looks like close up, folks! It would be like this all over, not just her face. And lips and nose shape, in case you were wondering.

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Tam said...

Actually you should consider this for the banner (here or the website) and other's of characters to rotate in and out. ^__^