Sunday, November 23, 2008

A cast of characters...

Aboideau has a rather extended and intricately interwoven character roster, and the names themselves are interesting. I thought I'd share some here, since often when we post our characters we mention their names, but looking at the list can be an interesting game of contrast between very mundane common names and very unexpected ones...

Alicia Jones
Amado Kynth
Angelcita (later adopted into Black family)
Ashani DeSalle
Bernadette Anne "Dettie" Jones Kipson
Cade (later "marries" into Black family)
Constance Harper (aka Constanza de Carillon)
Corvin Aberdeen
Daniel Nkadnindaggian Emerson
Domnick "Dom" Espriggeon, aka "Sprigg"
Donovan "Don" Espriggeon
Dreor Kaneda
Grace O'Callahan
Ionnae "Ian" Black
Jessica Emerson
Kithandra Black
Layla King
Luke Byron
Olivia Dante
Peter "Kip" Kipson IV
Rue Kaneda
Sandra Espriggeon
Shiloh King
Tobias Calicott

And that's just a small sample of some of the more adventurous names among Aboideau. If I were to list all the members of the Caravan Kings, the leading family of the Underground society, we would be here all day!

Take, for instance, Evan and Nell Dorrance, a Demonic and an Angelic who happen to be twins. Say their names, Evan and Nell, a few times fast and see if you get the pun. Hehehe.

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