Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dance 'n Make Up

Tam is my best friend. Because she's my best friend, that means that sometimes we are going to have fights. Often, fighting with people you are close to is the worst kind of fighting. People who are close to you can hurt you easier BECAUSE you care so much about them. And while fighting with Tam definitely sucks for the both of us, it's a good thing about our relationship that it's safe to disagree and argue and fight and WANT TO RIP EACH OTHER'S FACES OFF IN A FIT OF GRRRRR! the end, we've gotten things said that might otherwise have just seethed beneath the surface, and we still love and care about one another, and we've bitten off the head of one more relationship demon.

Anyway, um. Daniel is like a puppy...and when he knows he's in trouble, he finds a way to endear himself to Jessica all over again. Dancing is their thing, and Tam and I can totally see him sneakily pulling her into a dance until he can get her to soften up to him again. and make up, the Emerson couple version of kiss-and-make-up.

...also, yeah, I drew this as an apology gift because fights are hard on both of us, and I love my Tambo. Call me silly. Thppt!

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