Thursday, November 27, 2008

Doodling Angelcita...

Ugh, why is Angie so damn hard to draw?

She's in her late teens, nearly an adult in legal terms, but keeping that child-like vulnerability to her is important. At the same time, given her parentage, she needs to look a little of the hot stuff now and then as well, but not so much that she'd attract too much attention. That, of course, deals with the fact it has to be considered that she spent most of her adolescent and teenage years barely surviving in hiding, half-starving and not getting much sunlight or enjoyment out of her life because she knew she had to keep her head down or risk possibly being caught and maybe killed... Kid had it rough, and even when things start to get better, it's by no means easy for her.

All combined, UGH. She's hard to draw!

I think I finally found her in sketching tonight though, so that's something, at least!

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Tam said...

I'm really liking the collection of sketches you are doing. Even if you are still trying to capture the characters its fun to see them in different expressions and states. ^_^