Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angelic Daniel

Trust me he's not always this innocent.

I've barely had time to lift a pencil for the past three weeks so in an effort to finish projects that I am desperately late on, I warmed up with 90 second figure sketches that ended in this headshot of Kate's Daniel N. Emerson. There is a reason why he has a halo and (semblance) of wings but that wont be explained until later...or if you read his bio :shifty eyes:.

But he's one of the few of Kate's characters that I can draw with out being a brat. For once. ^_^ :fleeees:


Psamophis said...

Nice sketch XD I love the the lineart in the pic.

My favourite part on it is his nose. Don't know why, but it is :p

Tam said...

*L* Thanks. :D

His nose was one of the funner things to do because hes so stretchy and silly.