Thursday, December 25, 2008

Warning: gore ahead.

This one was a Christmas present (that's right, Christmas present! lol) to me from a buddy, Ms. Vicki Eden last year. The blonde herein is Grace, a villain from Aboideau. The fellow, if you can call him that, is Vicki's own original character Arkady, who does not exist in Aboideau. This scenario can only exist in the joy of friends' gift art, for the pair shall never meet, and for that? Be thankful.

Both Grace and Arkady are...something along the lines of psychotic...of their own variety, sadistic and unspeakable and...well. Ahem.

All that aside, I feel like this is a very good depiction of the...icky predatory business-like can't really call it sensuality...that is Grace and her manipulation of all things cruel and dangerous.

Oh, and of playing with your food. EWWW.

...and how strawberry shortcake pink can be horrifyingly grotesque! Yay!

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