Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ashani + Ashani + Rue = Sarah P

Two pictures of one of my favorite people in Aboideau (ok I lie, they are all my favorite but I have to say that for the sake of the post) and both by the very talented Sarah P.

The first was with Rue and Ashani in their snuggling glory. Rue rarely smiles and when he does most people are startled by the fact that he can. Ashani; however, is one of the few people that can easily do it by just being around him and she never gets tired of making him less of a grumpy butt.

Here, Kate had asked Sarah to draw Ashani in a fedora when she was doing a free sketch call on her journal. Ashani loves old films, and mostly ones that are crime noir or gumshoe/detective films. She loves them so much that she often quotes films word for word, or imitates her favorite alter ego Ashani "Dollface" DeSalle.

I had wanted to commission Sarah to do a pin-striped, fedora-donning Ashani in the future and this was a very nice start. ^_^

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