Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kip Spotlight

I've been told to post, so I shall!

We had another lightning round in PE and I was in the mood for Kip art and wasn't disappointed! Kip got a lot of special treatment and well, here he is ^_^

The first two are from Icarus. She did a chibi and quick headshot. One of the first with his hat and glass charm (heart), and cute with the cowboy boots.

Then a fun one, with hat!, by Sarah Petrulis. He looks like he's about ready to make a smart ass comment because of Rue to his best friend, Dreor, in jest. His eyes were also wonderful in the Lumina glow along the iris.

Then we have Mana with Kip and the times where he's cock sure. Great posturing and expression (so much <333).

And the last is by Laura of Kip's back tattoo. I was so ^_______________^ with it because she had wanted to tackle it and got a bit of glow to his eyes too! and she made his hair soooo puuurrr soft..

...and now I shall flop to bed.

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